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Paintings at Minges Coliseum, East Carolina University

"The Early Years", describes the first forty years of the school as it grew from The East Carolina Teachers Training School, 1907 - 1921, to The East Carolina Teachers College, 1921- 1950. Featured in it are images of the Old Austin Building with a portrait of Herbert E. Austin who was the first science teacher, became department head, and eventually became Vice President. Accompanying the buildings are portraits of the people for whom they were named, including Robert Wright, who was President from 1907-1934. Other images depict dorm life, sports activities, cheerleaders, original literary society, and the first male basketball team when the school became coed in 1929. The football team was originally the Teachers then the Indians and in 1934 became the Pirates. The changes to the Pirate symbol up to 1950 are shown in the mural.

"The Birth of a University" describes the following forty years. Featured is Dr. Leo Jenkins who was instrumental in bringing the school to a University Level and in the formation of the now very noted Medical School. Other images include a former crew team and swim team, technological progress, sports activities, the School of Music, and the formation of the School of Art that has become the largest, most comprehensive and one of the two nationally-accredited art programs in North Carolina.

"The Ward's Mural", the mural in The Robert and Margaret Ward Sports Medicine Building is a tribute to the role ECU has played in the lives of the Wards. Very generous donors to the school, the Wards feel they owe their success to ECU. Painted in a circular movement around the mural are images of their contributions while in school and continuing after they graduate and become successful in the corporate world.

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